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Welcome to transfur.online! We're happy to have ya. This instance is designed for sharing furry transformation content! Feel free to take part in #TFTuesday and share your favourite images!

Some general rules:

1. You can totally post non-tf content, but we generally want to encourage neat TF discussion and media sharing. Keep RPs in DMs.

2. Don't forget to apply a content warning (CW) to any content that is NSFW. Not all members, and certainly not folks out there in the Fediverse, will want to see sexual stuff. Be respectful!

3. Please make sure to credit any artists whose work you are reposting. This one is hard for mods of this instance to enforce en-mass, but it is important as it helps make sure artists get the attention they deserve!

4. It goes without saying, but hateful and bigoted content is not tolerated on this server. Please be respectful to others and don't bring politics into this space.

5. Have fun! Make new friends! Change into all kinds of animals. :)

This server is proudly anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-fascism and anti-nazi. We feel that anyone who is looking to be hateful towards minorities or other groups of people for things they have no control over can go elsewhere for their discussion. We also only federate with instances that take similar active stances in their moderation. Any content violating this will be removed, and membership of the instance will be reconsidered. Mods will take an active role in suspending federated instances which also violate these rules. Thank you for understanding!