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lewd corruption tf shitpost 


Latex sierra

LaTex sierra

LaTeX sierra: oh gosh the beautiful typesetting... the mathematical equations.. the BIBLIOGRAPHIES ahh~

some eye contact 

so i'm still a digital vector bun, but

aaaaa i finally got my three-headed dragon character drawn by and it turned out so cute, as all of her work tends to~

and she got our personalities down pretty well as well so i'm happy ^~^

correction, re: software meta, frustration 

i understand why it's gained that reputation, but it's frustrating knowing that it's otherwise a great piece of software that does its job well with minimal resource usage, and yet that reputation's essentially a deal breaker*

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software meta, frustration 

really wish pleroma didn't have the reputation of being the software that bad actors and otherwise unpleasant people use

i understand why it's gained that reputation, but it's frustrating knowing that an otherwise great piece of software

i mean, i've run it on a nintendo switch for crying out loud, and had to stop not because of resource issues, but only because it got enough traction to where i started seeing sketchy behavior crop up while i was working a job that was eating up all my spoons, and i couldn't balance the emotional stress of keeping up the job and moderating the instance

sona thoughts, silly 

gradually making my fursona canon more and more complex until it makes the legend of zelda timeline look like a early childhood pop-up story book

i'm weird, and y'know what? i think i like it that way

furry tf thoughts, gradual identity altering 

currently thinking about a situation where i change back to a raccoon and... while i think i'm back to normal, it turns out my raccoon form is now low-poly and vector too - i've just gotten so used to being like this that it's hard leaving~

and then some time passes and i try being vibri again, then when i come back to my usual form... my sona's a bunny, right? after all, being a bunny feels nice~

some more passes later, eventually i realize i'm not changing at all between forms, and that's pretty alright, actually~

silly form-related thought 

in an extremely similar yet slightly different alternate dimension, i'd be a car right now

positive sub post 

Sierra shark’s plural system is cute

reflecting on my own posts 

saying “what a waste of money” makes me feel odd when I say it

the statement inherently translates a situation to be viewed through the eyes of a capitalist point of view, the “is it profitable” perspective

which is kinda gross ngl

was going to post something but there’s zero ways I can think of to say it in a way that won’t sound absolutely silly

appendix 1, macro 

I-i guess I should add that, uh... I'm about 200 feet tall normally now and being giant is... really, really great if i'm being honest

- :ms_raccoon:

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dubious consent, silly form thought, furry TF 

cool thing about this form is i can download myself to people's machines for Fun Glitchy TF Shenanigans and my file size is too low for anyone to notice :3

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hmm. need to set up my streaming website again and stream some games sometime

i could use twitch but eehhhhhhhh

I feel like I need to get a lot better and more accurate with catching everything in my kink content warnings :x

furry transformation, vib ribbon, dubious consent 

So I was planning on playing through this old video game from the PS1 era, but, uh... I think my BIOS got corrupted... n-not that I really mind, a-admittedly ^////^

Picture drawn by @snailerotica (who did an amazing job tbh, 10/10 would totally commission her again), I added the corrupted BIOS screen and the little flickers of light around it. Also including the version without my additions :P

in regards to uspol, covid 

so i'm treating the news kinda like i do a nintendo direct rumor: assume nothing until i definitively see what i'm hoping will happen take place

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