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hm. Anyone know someone who’d be good to commission art from? Dragons in particular :3

minor gender gripes 

I swear every time I get a call from some support person it starts like this

me: “hello?”
person: “hi this is Bob from Company Inc, can I speak to Holly?”
me: “Yep!”

*awkward silence*
me: “...I’m holly”
person: “Hi Holly, I’m calling about...”

having to explain the misconception to the group when I show up to DM with a bunch of squirt flowers, pies, water guns and plastic models of business robots

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most people when encountering the acronym TTRPG: “tabletop role playing game”

me, for reasons I’m not 100% sure of: “toontown role playing game”

I feel like I want my identity to be somewhere between “soft girl” and “the noise that the game boy advance makes when your game freezes while there’s audio playing”

re: unexpected car problems 

thankfully i finally got AAA a few weeks ago once I got this car and after kinda being tired of hearing people say “oh, well don’t you have AAA” and begrudgingly replying with “no, but i have hum... they’ll be here hopefully within the day”

the wait time was a bit lengthy, but it’s like 1:30 AM, I’m almost done with the wait, and they’ll actually show up

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negative, unexpected car problems 

guess who drove out a few minutes to get something to eat before bed, then when going into their car and attempting to turn the key to start the car, all power to everything inside the car suddenly just died? this girl

Pokémon and furry tf thoughts 

the funny thing about Pokémon and myself, I think, is that I’ve never really thought about it competitively beyond a short stint in sword/shield

My interest in Pokémon has mostly lied in the cute cuddly characters you collect, and thinking “...alright, but what if i looked _exactly_ like that”

lacking in any direct context 


Ink card commission! They requested something similar to my 'Year of the Rat' piece, but for year of the snake. I did a fair bit of research to come up with the words. Loosely based on the Chinese bamboo snake. This piece was a huge hit on Twitter, I hope you enjoy it too!

xmpp, promoting my service 

Alright, I've got a registration system up and running again for my XMPP instance! If you've been wanting to join the Raccoon Army, or just want to see what XMPP is all about, feel free to request an invite!

tech stuff, xmpp 

so the invite modules seem pretty turnkey. unfortunately, they're too simple and provide no real simple way to add my own modifications. i have to modify the module manually which i don't like doing because i feel like it's just *asking* for an update to mess things up

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tech stuff, xmpp 

aha! i took some inspiration from how the mastodon nginx config is set up to make the prosody nginx config as optimal as possible, removing the bodge that i set up earlier to make it just barely work

time to play around with the invite system

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tech stuff, xmpp 

anyways, now that that entire plan for registration was transformed into adding a single line to my config file, i feel like it's time to put some serious effort into the nginx config for the prosody server

once i do that, i can start working on the workflow for allowing registrations again

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tech stuff, xmpp 

wait one second

prosody has a **built-in plugin** for hosting converse.js? how many super useful plugins are there for prosody that i don't know about???

self-reflection, meta-ish 

i feel like i should take a lot more consideration in which jokes i laugh with and which ones i don't

just because i don't feel hurt from something doesn't mean it's inoffensive

Game freak hasn't made a real pokemon based on missingno yet and it's because they're cowards

There are very few things that bring as much unease as waking up to hearing the partner you live with manically laughing

granted, they were playing a video game, but still :P

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