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silly furry tf 

friend: you’re x
me: n-no I’m not!
friend: I doubt that
me: but I’m telling the truth! I’m not x! >~>
friend: oh okay then
me: wait, on second thought,

every background check company: figures everything out on its own after i give my history

the background check company that my internship is using: "hey, uh, you need to send us proof of employment from every single employer you've had since you were legally able to work. also please send this like yesterday. thank yoou"

trying to figure out how to unsubscribe from gender, it seems really dangerous and i don't want to have anything to do with it

i should bring my streaming site back up, i want to try streaming stuff again

particularly kinda want to try streaming flight sim stuff, i think it could end up in something chill kinda like the shiny hunting streams i had for a bit, along with some intrigue at the beginning and the end (take off and landing, the most interesting parts of flight :P)

mh ~, profanity 

dealing with logistics is fucking draining

Help request (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue DX) 

I need help rescuing in Purity Forest. I know it's one hell of a dungeon but I've gotten so far. :blobcry:
Floor 71 is where I'm at. Please share to anyone who might be willing to help. Thank you!

school, pandemic 

hm. need to purchase stuff for my classes this semester from the college store. but it's online only due to COVID, i apparently can't use my financial aid account online, and the bookstore doesn't seem to be accepting calls at this time. hm.

i guess this is kind of a subpost, mh ~ 

sometimes i kinda wonder if, when people see me react to something in an expected way and react accordingly, if they're tired of me being this way and wish i could just do something original or unique for once but instead i'm still onto my same shit as always and i haven't done anything different with my life

furry tf thoughts 

...heck, suddenly want to be a large dragon synth (the robot, not the piano/keyboard)

ms flight simulator, furry tf mention 

the thing about this addon is that it apparently has the passengers audibly react with screams and horror if you do any maneuvers with the plane that would be considered frightening

which, while i'd want to do a good job, kinda makes me want to do a barrel roll

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ms flight simulator, furry tf mention 

oh, poor passengers, you don't even know what you're in for

or you probably do, since i'd imagine the Lotor Airlines advertisements would mention that this would be the last flight you'd ever enter without paws

but for those who went on for business... i'd imagine they'll have something interesting to explain to their employers upon touchdown

ms flight sim 2020 

i think one of the fun bits of playing microsoft flight sim is being cleared to land at a runway, then being about 300-500 feet away from it when you notice someone's just spawned onto the runway so you have to go into the system menu and disable traffic immediately so you don't crash the flight you used the past few hours setting up and accomplishing

tech frustrations 

good news: they haven't updated their app to be broken like this yet

bad news: turns out my insurance payment was due now and i didn't realize it because i couldn't log in :V

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tech frustrations 

My auto insurance provider just updated their login system, but also implemented a faulty e-mail validation system that assumes my e-mail that's been associated with my account for almost a year now is invalid, and won't let me log in with it. :|

mastodon UI gripes, there might be a way to fix this but II haven’t checked yet and it certainly isn’t default 

I feel like liking posts should require two taps instead of just one to execute, at least on phones

it’s awkward to scroll through a post and accidentally like someone’s post saying they’re going through mental anguish because my puffy paw touched the wrong part of my phone

Very TF Horny Drawing 

I just kinda intended to use the first suggestions i was given earlier and um, wound up taking it to a really weird place while drawing in Aggie

sorry everyone, sorry

silly mutuals thought 

i don't think i'd ever do one of those charts where you put mutuals on a scale of who'd kick who's ass and if i would or wouldn't want to fight them, because i'd put literally every one of my mutuals under "they would kick my ass" and "i don't want to fight them"

yes, even the micro furs would kick my ass

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