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chuck e cheese is no longer a restaurant OR a family entertainment center that contains a restaurant. it's better this way.

so apparently charles entertainment cheese is filing bankruptcy

darn. now i need to find another restaurant for my fine dining needs

if you're going home from the beach it's actually a swamsuit

re: kink thoughts 

like i can count the number of things on one paw that i've seen that follow those guides that make me go "ehhhhh i'm reaaally not into that"

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kink thoughts 

honestly, rule of thumb with me and kinks

given it's not directly related to sexual intercourse, and it's consensual (and, by extension, involves folks of legal consensual age and doesn't do the "she's actually a 4 million year old pixie spirit in the body of a 12 year old girl" thing), there's a fairly good chance i could be into it or i could get into it

really thinking more and more about a story concept i've kinda been slowly building over time, one which i'm not really sure what to do with - whether i should make it an actual story, or some sort of TTRPG, or maybe even a game of sorts, or what

it, of course, involves furry transformation

A person in the Fantasy Strike discord complained about being unnecessarily gendered yesterday and I want to send them this but the moment has passed now and it would just be weird

ph ~-+? 

Woke up this afternoon with my jaw making this weird click every time I opened it past a certain point

Looked at some articles on the net that basically said "it happens, especially from stress and unconsciously clenching your teeth during sleep" and someone mentioning that de-stressing helped

I didn't think that'd do anything, but I de-stressed for a bit and, lo and behold, the click is pretty much subdued

furry transformation, inanimate-ish 

okay great now i'm a raccoon plushie >~<

hearing stuff about the twitch blackout and remembering how mixer's dying reminds me that i need to bring up my streaming website again soon

i also still need to figure out a good way to reduce stream delay

theres going to be a strike on Twitch tomorrow in solidarity with the victims of sexual abuse, racism and violence perpetrated by users of this platform that twitch has yet to act on.

im personally horrified at how much of this has allowed to sit and stew. these stories are fucked up and the perpetrators should not have a platform.

so i found an NES at the local game store in as-is condition and fixed it by replacing its cartridge slot connection thing

now i just need to find stuff to play on it lol

my sexuality is an incorrectly-set address pointer that directs to video ram, which is why it often presents itself as an overworld map tile

...and honestly, UDP jokes are great because I can send one half of this joke and everyone will get that half (2/2)

Furry, Disgust at kinks, Alt-Right Entryism and Twitter 

I was worried something like this would come up, but, furries?

We need to talk about this kind of shit.

I don't care how much you may despise certain fetish communities but none of this shit is okay.

Important note: This was posted by someone with "ACAB, BLM" in their tagline, and someone who regularly retweets and agrees with DemSoc to leftist views.

Note: Image is a Twitter post that discusses someone's supposed babyfur involvement.

Alright, so it looks like things aren't on fire at this point, so... this migration seems to have been a success!

Extreme thanks to @shapeshifter for putting together the monsterfork v1 -> glitchsoc database migrations! They definitely didn't have to, but they did, and it made my life a billion times easier.

So that's one step taken care of now. Also, I already miss delayed federation

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Transfur Online

Bust out your 56k modems and grow a tail or two (or nine), because Transfur Online's here and you're invited! Here, tech and furry transformation combine, and you're quite literally free to be whatever you like. So pop in that 1 Million Free Hours CD you found lying around and stay a while - you might just find it a rather life-changing experience ;)