@monorail and a special sub-instance of the instance, carefully-handcrafted-requests-using-curl.soapbox.writefreely.plume.friendica.honk.hubzilla.pleroma.misskey.mastodon.social

@monorail introducing a new instance, soapbox.writefreely.plume.friendica.honk.hubzilla.pleroma.misskey.mastodon.social

@monorail holly, my instance can only have so many domains in the blocklist

@monorail transfur online will be pre-emptively defederating from the us government

re: drug ment 

@monorail i didn't know this was a thing myself

caps, silly 


@ben horror music automatically starts playing after the words "i'm from the government" are uttered by someone from the government, so these both are pretty much neck and neck

@IceWolf @violet this is how we end up with computers developing their own language to communicate exclusively with each other without humans being able to understand

re: horny 

@cdmnky @avie's got the right idea, will be doing the same

kink power trip thoughts 

tired: being made a god and demanding respect and worship as you do whatever you'd like, maybe even expecting people to feel honored if you smite them
wired: being made a god and getting really flustered and denying that you're anything special, while being incredibly humble, using your powers to only make things objectively better, and not demanding anything from anyone except to be seen as an ordinary being

@CyclopsCaveman hard shell tacos, or as I like to call them... crunchy meaty mess

re: announcement from fediverse™ government™ to all resident eeveelutions 

@sobsz but what if i want multiple headpats and ear scritchies

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