some second person descriptions, somewhat weird furry TF thoughts 

currently imagining how this would look from a first person perspective and... I feel like it’d be so trippy

watching your very body flatten down to simple lines, then as it spreads up your head your eyes feel a bit weird and fuzzy as the wound around you changes in your perspective, solid objects looking more and more like simple white vector line models atop a pure black background, as you turn around to face your mirror and see a familiar vector line bunny staring back with excitement!~

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uspol, request for misinformation 

@ben trump angrily stated that joe biden promised free ice cream every night for the masses, and joe biden vehemently denied that he ever claimed he’d do it, even if it’d make people happy

uspol, debate 

@heyheather i'm sure trump will drop all claims that it'll be fraud ridden if he wins

it'll be all we hear about until january if he doesn't though

somewhat weird furry TF thoughts 

head's been gravitating towards vibri (from vib ribbon) TF lately for some reason

like, complete with the simple line vector 3d graphics

gross, food adjacent 

@kat @junebug having a little bit of dog food each morning not for the taste, but to see if something happens “this morning, for sure”

@junebug @kat downloading viruses off of the internet and launching them, then sighing as I only end up with boring ol ransomware and Bitcoin miners

banned from every museum in town for touching all the artifacts and going "but what if this is the one that does it, i don't wanna miss my chance"

instance thoughts 

some day i should re-do the theme that i did with this instance to make it more classic AOL-themed again

maybe i could bust out the gradients and make it look a little like the slightly more modern AOL from the mid-2000s that, honestly, was my experience with AOL and my first experience on the internet in general :P

Hey Fedi! I just invented a new word:


@gmsh i did once, on chapter 7 of my life to foreshadow when i would later on go to mess around with a program listed within it

re: plural stuff impostor syndrome 

@maxine i'm glad i could help!

- :ms_raccoon:


@shadow8t4 i think the scary thing about 2020 is i can read "brain-eating bacteria water" and my head doesn't register that as enough of an alarming thing to stop and think about until passing by the phrase multiple times

also it's good you aren't drinking from brain-eating bacteria water

re: plural stuff impostor syndrome 

@maxine I mean, just because they might be quiet doesn't mean they're not there - I can't get Finny to want to speak 9 out of 10 times! Even if it doesn't seem like there's much of an evident split, there is - just that preference shift alone is definitely something I'd say is good proof of that.

Every person and every system's mind is unique and different, and so even if nobody else's experience matches yours, that doesn't make it invalid.

- :ms_raccoon:

@cdmnky and i advance to next base as that would be considered hit by pitch

@cdmnky watch out for him on the pitcher's mound, he's going to do a 360 noscope with that baseball

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