misinfo, joke card 

finally got my antifa spending account activated

uspol, a thing I find silly that political campaigns do 

liberal political campaigns be like:

silly, marginally work related 

just setting up my playlist so I've got music to listen to on this summer job I'm starting tomorrow

warning about scam e-mail, read if you use Mailgun 

Hey! If you use Mailgun and you occasionally check your spam folder, make sure you don't fall for this! Even if it has your domain name in it, DON'T open any links in the E-mail. I nearly did, thinking "wait a second, since when did I sign up for that?!" - it kinda caught me off-guard, and thank God, my browser warned me that the site linked was listed as deceptive

Holy fuck

superficial reply looking at favs/boosts, drug mention, re: furry, inflatable, eye contact, commission, link to birdsite 

hahah that's the weed number

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furry, inflatable, eye contact, commission, link to birdsite 

aaaaaaaaaaaaa i did not wake up today expecting i'd be getting this, but frengers was doing commissions for donations and I managed to snag a slot

and gosh did it turn out amazing! i can't thank him enough for how this turned out honestly

game: you can be a furry!
me: oh cool! time to b-
game: aaactually, you can only be a kitsune or some other thing
me: ah. okay, that's fine, i'll be a kitsune
game: oh? great, i'm sure you'll enjoy it!
me: i'm sure i will, game. i'm sure i will~

techy stuff, apple products 

so today I learned you can jailbreak iPads and iPhones up to the latest 13.5 and I also learned you can run a Linux VM on it using a sideloaded app

animal crossing 

wait flick please don't mail me a live wasp


i think i'm done playing beat saber for today

i made an edit of something, completely forgot that i did it, went to sleep, woke up, did stuff on the computer for a while, then realized i had glimpse open, and opened it up to find this

acnh, pet kink, intense keysmash 

askljasdlfkjLKFJLASDKJFLAKJALSDKJFLAJSDFLAKJSDFLAJFDS >///////////////////////////////////////<

acnh turnips 

you know, if you told me when i bought new horizons that i'd eventually wind up burying myself in over a million bells worth of turnips, i'd claim you were being silly or i'd ask if there was some sort of massive exploit that broke the economy

so i'm working on the readme for my final project for my python class

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