ms flight simulator, furry tf mention 

oh, poor passengers, you don't even know what you're in for

or you probably do, since i'd imagine the Lotor Airlines advertisements would mention that this would be the last flight you'd ever enter without paws

but for those who went on for business... i'd imagine they'll have something interesting to explain to their employers upon touchdown

ms flight sim 

the poor game gets very confused when you set the sim speed too high

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ms flight sim, furry tf mention 

so i figured out how to make custom liveries and, how could i not

ms flight sim 

also i don't think people would be into this particular game as much, me included, if it weren't for the fact the graphics are freaking gorgeous

they even make my graphics card sound like a jet engine, for added realism

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ms flight sim 

so, here's what i was doing in a virtual a320neo that made my fuel run out halfway into the flight

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Two plush Vaporeon stand guard. One only tells truths, one only tells lies.

microsoft flight sim 

i can now finally say i've seen the giant 212-story tower in microsoft flight sim

holly lotor reads her spam mail 

This... broke my brain, I’ll be quite honest. There’s so much to unpack here.

shitposting with iOS tweaks, inspired by another shitpost 

New to the suite of absolutely horrible tweaks I’ve made, something inspired by a shitpost from hyperlink a few months back (last boost)

tech shitpost, loud audio, audiohazard 

one of the items in this list is vastly different than the rest of the items in the list

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tech shitpost, loud audio, audiohazard 

I should have my access to technology revoked for all eternity

cursed lewd, genitals 

midway into typing this post, i realized that i typed this, and i failed the resistance check that would've allowed me to erase it and re-write it with something less cursed

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aaaaaaa i snagged a commission slot from @distressedegg a little bit ago and i got the finished piece today, and it's as amazing as I hoped it'd look!

misinfo, joke card 

finally got my antifa spending account activated

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