LONG rant about the fediverse 

I feel like the solutions the fediverse had to the problems of twitter only created its own, unique problems and failed to truly account for the target audiences that would be attracted to an alternate twitter.

sure, it's no longer one giant, centralized network ruled by a giant company and paid for by ad money. instead, it's a few large instances that everyone flocks to with many tiny instances dangling from threads. payment is taken care of from those who have disposable income and run by those who have been able to burrow their way into the tech world, often times this is the same person. This doesn't help with the growing racism problem, as the people who tend to be able to do both of these tend to be white and in or around the tech industry (myself included, I will be honest.)

sure, we now don't have to worry about being stuck under bad moderation - if staff is bad, you can just move! But instead, instance admins have to keep both eyes open wide for any bad instance or good instance gone bad that might sneak into their radar, and decide if they're worth cutting off manually. if one of those good instances gone bad is a large instance? well, better be prepared to decide between "defending why you didn't defederate $BadInstance" or "defending why you're disconnecting everyone between $BadInstance to $YourInstance" And if you think any of this is clear cut, just you wait. The game of fediverse telephone makes everything muddy, with everyone having the strongest opinion on everything, and if you choose to dig down deep for the source of it all, you'll usually find a few people just mis-communicated. Or racism. Could also be racism.

Yes, you can tailor-make your experience to what you want it to be by running your own instance! Here's your options for software:
- Vanilla Mastodon. Hope you're ready to make your own fork and deal with annoying upstream merges if you want to change anything of real substance, or have features that should by all means be available upstream but isn't for "arbitrary reasons"!
- Glitch-Soc Mastodon. Hope you can afford a VPS with 8 GB of RAM, or else your setup just got twice as complicated!
- Pleroma. Hopefully the good parts of the fediverse haven't decide to proactively de-federate from your instance for running Pleroma, since usually when they see pleroma, it's from an instance they're blocking! And why can't you set image descriptions on the default frontend? And why was there a debug "ignore federated blocks" option that persisted for far longer than it should've? And why are there people claiming the dev team is bad? And wh-
- Misskey. Best of luck being one of the few English instance owners using Misskey!
- *insert small fediverse server project here*. Best of luck being one of the few instance owners using *project name here*!

Sure, you no longer have people from completely different universes of thought just waltzing into your posts and harassing y-pffffffttttt, I'm sorry, I can't say that with a straight face.

And yeah, you don't have people screenshot dunking and calling a user out because staff actions aren't considered sufficient at taking care of the issue. Instead, you have people screenshot dunking and calling a user out as well as calling for defederation with an instance, because its staff actions aren't considered sufficient at taking care of the issue. You also get bonus discourse over screenshot dunking, as moderation on the fediverse should be good enough to not warrant screenshot dunking, right? Right????

We've brought twitter to the fediverse. We've joked about gargron essentially wanting to make "twitter 2", well, I'm here to tell you that it was a success. This is a second twitter - not better than the original, but different. And since everyone was promised a better time, nobody's happy, and everyone's leaving.

Maybe this is a problem with social networks in general. Perhaps I should follow the examples of some friends I have and just stick to the close friends I have with no social media accounts beyond, like, steam and linkedin, because i kinda have to have those. Or maybe there's just something wrong about how the fediverse was built that didn't truly account for all of the problems of twitter, or the problems that its implementation would create. Either way, I think it's safe to say that the fediverse is not the beacon of hope many hoped it to be, myself included.

appendix to this huge rant 

As this post makes it further beyond the spaces I tend to frequent, I see I've received new arguments.

Note that if you read this and said, "huh, i don't see these same problems here", we likely are on very different parts of the federated world that, on a fundamental level, disagrees with how federation should be handled. There's a reason why i'm not saying "the solution is to not restrict federation!!" If not restricting federation at all works for you and your instance's users, and y'all don't mind the ad hominem and the chaos of it all, that's cool for you. I'm just gonna... uh... not though. yeah. thanks for reading though

I do get that a lot of this is social norms stuff, and I do agree that if everyone cultivated their timelines, yes, the drama would disappear. I feel like if it could be engineered in a way so that this never *became* a problem, it'd also take care of it. I feel like the latter's probably something that, while would require some creative thinking, I feel like is a more likely solution than requiring a vast majority's careful participation. I will acknowledge I'm providing no solutions here, only problems, but it is what it is.

I disagree with the argument that blocklists and individual-level blocking is an effective solution, as this is exactly what was done on twitter. People left Twitter for a reason, didn't they, and it wasn't just because they were being banned, right? I can, however, acknowledge that having a ton of small instances would probably create new issues of its own, and those should be tackled if and when they came. I believe having a system where people can vet for each other's instances could be a potential solution, for example - a reputation board of sorts.

I see that Pleroma fixed not having image descriptions available to write in the pleroma frontend. That's great, and I now recant the statement that they didn't have them available. I will, however, replace it with this: why did it take so long to add image descriptions to the pleroma frontend?

Anyways, I've spent enough time ranting, and this post extended a lot further out than I expected. I'm muting this thread, I'm gonna go step off of the fedi and do something fun.

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