somewhat weird furry TF thoughts 

head's been gravitating towards vibri (from vib ribbon) TF lately for some reason

like, complete with the simple line vector 3d graphics

some second person descriptions, somewhat weird furry TF thoughts 

currently imagining how this would look from a first person perspective and... I feel like it’d be so trippy

watching your very body flatten down to simple lines, then as it spreads up your head your eyes feel a bit weird and fuzzy as the wound around you changes in your perspective, solid objects looking more and more like simple white vector line models atop a pure black background, as you turn around to face your mirror and see a familiar vector line bunny staring back with excitement!~

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re: somewhat weird furry TF thoughts 

@chirrveon 👀 !!!

re: somewhat weird furry TF thoughts 

@snailerotica >//////>!!!

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