furry tf thoughts 

thinking about pupper transformations where the transformee is trying to act all cool and nonchalant about it but their tail is wagging like crazy and you can see the deep blush on their face

furry tf thoughts 

@chirrveon doing that puppy face cover with their paws to hide blush

"I have an itch is all gosh!"

furry tf thoughts 

@deejvalen trying to hold their tail from wagging with one paw and covering their face with another but neither are quite doing a good job of it

re: furry tf thoughts 

@chirrveon tbh if i became pupy i would not be cool or nonchalant i would be SUPER excited and happy abt it

furry tf thoughts 


tbh similar for dragns and kobolds b/c let's be honest a lot of dragons and *especially* kobolds are basically puppies as well.

wagggggy dergy tail

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