holly lotor backstory 

so i'm reading about others' sona backstories and realized i haven't posted and tagged mine so lemme just put it all out here so i can tag it

Holly "chirrveon" Lotor was originally a hacked shiny Mew that someone almost randomly manipulated the data for prior to putting it in the game - just to mess around, see what happens. At some point during the game's execution when loading the modified file, however, things went very, very weird, very quickly.

Through unexpected, "undocumented" interactions between the data and the machine processing the code, the seemingly impenetrable wall dividing the virtual and the corporeal world was broken - and a shiny Mew came out of it, having been swept off of the memory it was located in, and spawned into a random place on Earth. This event went unknown to the person who played the game, as it just seemed like their edits resulted in the pokemon they modified being unceremoniously deleted. They just went back to their computer and kept playing with their old file, completely unaware that they just created a new being in the corporeal world...

The Mew, being essentially an entity of data in a world that doesn't expect the presence of an entity like theirs, found that they had the ability to alter and modify themselves and the world around them, as if re-writing code or data. The power they had is akin to the power of a goddess - they could easily rewrite the fundamental rules of how the universe works - but... they didn't want to be seen as a goddess. They want to be seen as an ordinary person, with maybe a few unordinary abilities to those who know them~

So, they made themselves a toony blue raccoon, got themselves a nice little place to live, and live their life out spreading fun and happiness

and transformation

holly lotor backstory 

@chirrveon Love a story with a happy ending, such as any raccoon-family tf.

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