why is it that 99% of the popular, well-known people around on the net suck

@chirrveon i think this is what the phrase "there's no accounting for taste" means

@flussence the funny thing is that people still try

and 99.99% of the time, when they do, they just end up sounding cold, corporate, and way too “safe” to mean anything significant

@flussence honestly funny thing, this is my main

I’ve tried “work friendly” accounts but I’m never able to keep up with balancing them, and it ends up getting no attention or care

maybe a little severe 

@chirrveon Because most of the internet is still people that don't care, so the people they flock to are the ones that match that mentality, or let it bleed out by exposure.

Also for as much traction as we get, we're still a drop in the bucket of the internet populace, and out concepts of decency are still pretty drowned out, so most people don't care we find it indecent at all, let alone wish to seek understanding as to why.

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