i need to do more with the adopts i buy

but my mind gets weird about them, like... they're characters made by someone else, so my mind immediately goes to "no you can't do whatever you want with this character because they're x person's character" but i also bought the character from that person who basically said they're mine now, but the aforementioned first part of my mind doesn't listen to reason like that

@chirrveon i have a similar problem, but for me i acknowledge that i completely own the character now

it's just, idk, i guess cuz i didn't make them they're valued less to me lmao

that said one of my favorite characters was an adopt i got, in which it didn't stop me from drawing Lewd stuff with them, so yeah

@EeveeEuphoria right, it's just... i dunno, for me, i'm a bit sappy and sentimental? so i look at a character i adopted and i can't get over the thought that it's likely that whoever had them beforehand probably had all sorts of feelings and associations with that character, and i feel like i'm completely disregarding those by involving their former character into my weird shenanigans

@chirrveon ahhh

well when i sell my characters as adopts, it's because i've lost emotional attachment to them, ergo they're just gonna be sitting around doing nothing unless i give them away lmao

the most i'd feel after selling it is being like "oh nice" after seeing them in some art not made by me

...which hasn't happened yet for some reason ;w; but point being i do it cuz i already don't have any feelings with them anymore

@EeveeEuphoria That makes sense honestly, it's not like people are forced to sell their characters off at gunpoint, so it's silly for me to think of things like that's the case

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