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y'know, the exploration into my gender identity has really helped me realize why i behaved towards some things the way i do

for example, i know why dicks in transformation art had always put me off and irritated me, and it wasn't because it felt like it was "sexualizing something that wasn't explicitly sexual before" like I had thought prior to my gender exploration - it was just because i simply don't want a dick and don't feel comfortable with one, so imagining myself prominently with one is imagining myself with something i don't want and wouldn't want to acknowledge if i had it

so now instead of being grumpy and going "why y'all putting dicks in tf art," i just imagine myself in the situation, sans dick, and i'm happy

cursed lewd, genitals 

midway into typing this post, i realized that i typed this, and i failed the resistance check that would've allowed me to erase it and re-write it with something less cursed

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re: lewd furry art thoughts, genderstuffs, genitals 

@chirrveon Honestly I find a lot of stuff in furry tf art very cute even when it's things I wouldn't want on myself specifically

But I can't imagine that would apply to someone who can't keep herself from seeing something and immediately going "oh wow that's a nice form, I want that", hm?

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