fedi meta 

so what's going on with fedi discourse today?

all i can gleam from posts on the TL is people are upset over a few instances which are blocking an instance which includes PoC among others over profanity, which sounds like such a snobby, privileged thing to do.

it sounds like the kind of situation where you get someone else pissed off in an argument, then the second they choose to cuss, you say "aha! You chose to swore against me, ruffian! Therefore, all of your points are invalid and I am the victor B-)"

fedi meta 

@chirrveon that's about all i can make of it too

and i'm only getting like, second-/third-hand commentary on it so either the instigator's already on a blocked chud instance or they're so far removed from here it's not reached here

fedi meta 

@chirrveon I have absolutely no context but I just wanna say: cussing owns lmfao

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