rant about phones, slightly lengthy 

i have a frustration with mobile devices.

android devices, in theory, are much more open than the competition. open source, right? well, yes, but... from my experience, somehow both manufacturers and phone carriers tag team together to make it honestly worse, if not impossible, to root your device. it's a cakewalk to root an android phone as long as you've got the bootloader unlocked, but the last two phones i've had? both had locked bootloaders, and i swear the customer service for my phone carrier is playing games with me - every time i call them about it, they say "yeah, it's something you can unlock yourself, just look it up" and stick to that story. so unless if you've got enough money on-hand to just straight-up throw down enough to get a phone straight from the manufacturer fully unlocked, good luck rooting the thing ever.

now apple devices. they're actually, in practice, easier to own in that sense. apple designs them to be un-hackable, but people have found exploits for the devices because they're not perfect, and probably because everyone's kinda got the same playing field with an apple device. but due to apple charging $99/yr to publish apps on their store, on top of strict requirements for apps to follow in order to be approved, the library of apps to install feels... like it's missing things. it drove me up a wall the last time i tried to use an iOS device as my daily driver, and once i traded it in for an android device, i swore i'd never do it again.

in summary: corporations suck

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