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Just a note - if you're underage and I mistakenly interact with a post of yours, please let me know ASAP and I'll correct myself. I try to avoid that, but sometimes there's a post that appears on my timeline that's funny, I'm half awake lying in bed, and I forget to check the profile of the person that posted it

gonna have to think out exactly how I'd want to do the registration pages and the like, though

I've done things like that with python before, but I feel nauseous thinking about trying to set up uwsgi

so i think i might try doing it in a different language for the sake of not wanting to tear all my hair out

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I tried to do it earlier today, but for some reason it fails to do the ssl handshake with hcaptcha's site so the registration page loads indefinitely without ever completing

I'm thinking I may need to re-implement registration in a different way and use API calls to create the account on the server

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I could've included an image of some artist's rendition of an utopia, but I feel like there's a lot more to utopia than just looking really pretty, and I feel like different people would have differing opinions on what utopia looks like, so have some text instead

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holds up picture of futuristic utopia this would be current day society if they made the official linux mascot the cute fox instead of the penguin

Masto admin question, please boost and/or anwer 

Is there a way to either

1. Transfer an account, including all toots, to a new instance. (Admin access to both instances would be available)


2. Change the URL of a running instance without breaking everything?

i should probably also actually close registrations for it until i get the hcaptcha integration working

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got my first xmpp account i've had to delete for reasons of Being Suspicious

i should probably specify that i won't accept registrations from IPs with a history of recent abuse and/or originate from a datacenter

at some point i should mod the web registration plugin uses so that it uses hcaptcha

but i have to figure out how exactly to do that in lua as a prosody plugin

thinking about the cake meme and furry stuff 

fursona concept: made entirely out of cake, but instantaneously becomes too solid to cut for a moment if any knife comes close to them

mh -~ 

having one of those days right now where, while things turned out alright so far, the way in which they did feels lazer-targeted by a resentful deity that wants to piss me off as much as possible in a way that I can't complain about it

Regarding my toot from two days ago:

Masto has been sharing my thread of Black LGBTQ+ owned organizations and that’s great!

But I see not a one person talking about how SIX (6!!) Black Trans Women have been killed in a week’s span of time.

Y’all need to be paying attention and DO BETTER

Bree Black
Shaki Peters
Draya McCarty
Brayla Stone
Merci Mack
Tatiana Hall

Rest in power, ladies.

This has to stop.

kink power trip thoughts 

tired: being made a god and demanding respect and worship as you do whatever you'd like, maybe even expecting people to feel honored if you smite them
wired: being made a god and getting really flustered and denying that you're anything special, while being incredibly humble, using your powers to only make things objectively better, and not demanding anything from anyone except to be seen as an ordinary being

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Transfur Online

Bust out your 56k modems and grow a tail or two (or nine), because Transfur Online's here and you're invited! Here, tech and furry transformation combine, and you're quite literally free to be whatever you like. So pop in that 1 Million Free Hours CD you found lying around and stay a while - you might just find it a rather life-changing experience ;)