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plural info post 

So I've honestly kinda been keeping my plurality a bit of a secret from my main account, but... I do see a lot of people on fedi with plural systems in recency, and maybe it's safer to do so now than it was a while back ago, so I'm going to give it a shot. At the very least, I've got friends here that'll back me up, I hope...

I'm one of three headmates, have been around the longest, most active, Holly. If a post doesn't end in a name or emoji, or there's no brackets around the text, assume it's me.

{Heya! I'm Rascal, I'm a raccoon but less toony and I don't... really have interest in changing all that much. That's Holly's thing. I've been around since March '13. I'll end posts in - :ms_raccoon: or I'll speak within brackets like these.}

[h-hi... i'm finny, i'm an eevee... i-i'm kinda nervous to talk like this... rascal's kinda making me post this >.< i-if i talk, i'll either end the post with - :eevee: or will post in these brackets]

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Just a note - if you're underage and I mistakenly interact with a post of yours, please let me know ASAP and I'll correct myself. I try to avoid that, but sometimes there's a post that appears on my timeline that's funny, I'm half awake lying in bed, and I forget to check the profile of the person that posted it

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holly lotor backstory 

so i'm reading about others' sona backstories and realized i haven't posted and tagged mine so lemme just put it all out here so i can tag it

Holly "chirrveon" Lotor was originally a hacked shiny Mew that someone almost randomly manipulated the data for prior to putting it in the game - just to mess around, see what happens. At some point during the game's execution when loading the modified file, however, things went very, very weird, very quickly.

Through unexpected, "undocumented" interactions between the data and the machine processing the code, the seemingly impenetrable wall dividing the virtual and the corporeal world was broken - and a shiny Mew came out of it, having been swept off of the memory it was located in, and spawned into a random place on Earth. This event went unknown to the person who played the game, as it just seemed like their edits resulted in the pokemon they modified being unceremoniously deleted. They just went back to their computer and kept playing with their old file, completely unaware that they just created a new being in the corporeal world...

The Mew, being essentially an entity of data in a world that doesn't expect the presence of an entity like theirs, found that they had the ability to alter and modify themselves and the world around them, as if re-writing code or data. The power they had is akin to the power of a goddess - they could easily rewrite the fundamental rules of how the universe works - but... they didn't want to be seen as a goddess. They want to be seen as an ordinary person, with maybe a few unordinary abilities to those who know them~

So, they made themselves a toony blue raccoon, got themselves a nice little place to live, and live their life out spreading fun and happiness

and transformation

somewhat weird furry TF thoughts 

head's been gravitating towards vibri (from vib ribbon) TF lately for some reason

like, complete with the simple line vector 3d graphics

banned from every museum in town for touching all the artifacts and going "but what if this is the one that does it, i don't wanna miss my chance"

instance thoughts 

some day i should re-do the theme that i did with this instance to make it more classic AOL-themed again

maybe i could bust out the gradients and make it look a little like the slightly more modern AOL from the mid-2000s that, honestly, was my experience with AOL and my first experience on the internet in general :P

Hey Fedi! I just invented a new word:



seeing eight birdsite crossposts in the span of about ten seconds on the timeline is a bit disorienting tbqh, can y'all please try to do some sort of timed queue system on your crossposters

computer things 

tbh we kinda wish ostatus had stuck around & got extended or folks adopted zot instead of trusting this half-baked w3c thing
esp after we trusted w3c with the rest of the web & got the current mess of "whatever google decides to make a standard"

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silly gender reveal shitpost 

having a gender reveal party with a bunch of fireworks and a giant fuse and whatnot, except when i light the fuse, it burns all the way to the supposed fireworks, doesn't actually ignite any fireworks (there aren't actually any), and instead it makes a tiny flag pop up that reads "i dunno why don't you go ask them"

Macro, commission hunting 

Looking a bit for anyone who wants to draw a very large universe Keldeo

macro, plural 

discovering that rascal may very well be into being macro, and playfully teasing him about it~

what's a pirate's favourite letter 

you'd think it'd be R, but really, their true love be the C

tech, VMware gripes 

it’s fun having to install a version of gcc two major versions back because VMware absolutely refuses to use anything but the version it demands access to

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tech stuff, gaming on windows vm 

okay so i just tried it and, no, no it's not going to work, it won't let me do it naturally and if i try forcing its hand it crashes

so looks like i'm going to be installing vmware on my host machine so i can continue to do my classes :)

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tech stuff, gaming on windows vm 

i've now had some modicum of sleep and i've also discovered that i can still run the windows server 2012 VM i had set up for school in the windows install while it's being run under the VM

i also believe at some point i have to run Hyper-V under the VM as well for class

i feel like i'm doing some inception-level stuff right now

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tech stuff, gaming on windows vm 

Good news: finally fixed my Linux with a gaming windows VM setup with a brand new SSD and a beefier power supply, in case being starved for power was what caused the last SSD to become decommissioned far before its time

bad news: it’s now 7:40 AM

frustration over a tech youtuber, mention of hardware gore 

it's kinda depressing discovering that a retro tech youtube channel you've watched and respected is owned and run by the kinda guy that thinks it's fun open carrying an assault rifle to the store and is willing to take a dremel tool to a security bit screw on a rare 30 year old new old stock PC because he doesn't want to go through the time/effort to get the actual bit for it

I am sorry in advance for bringing this image into existence

do with it what you will

furry tf thoughts 

thinking about pupper transformations where the transformee is trying to act all cool and nonchalant about it but their tail is wagging like crazy and you can see the deep blush on their face

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Transfur Online

Bust out your 56k modems and grow a tail or two (or nine), because Transfur Online's here and you're invited! Here, tech and furry transformation combine, and you're quite literally free to be whatever you like. So pop in that 1 Million Free Hours CD you found lying around and stay a while - you might just find it a rather life-changing experience ;)