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Just a note - if you're underage and I mistakenly interact with a post of yours, please let me know ASAP and I'll correct myself. I try to avoid that, but sometimes there's a post that appears on my timeline that's funny, I'm half awake lying in bed, and I forget to check the profile of the person that posted it

Fuck cops, but not in the fun way. Bash the fash. Return stolen land. Listen to people who don't look or sound like you. Remember the paradox of tolerance. Check your sources. Unionize your workplace, and strike if the bosses try to stop you. Learn to fix your own things instead of buying replacements.

People only need jobs because survival is a subscription service under capitalism and actually living is downloadable content with microtransactions. Compost the rich. :anarchy: :gay_communism:

Plush Boyfriend for

Your plush boyfriend has taken to swallowing cooling gel packs in the summer. He loves cuddling you but knows how bad the heat has been lately. You press your cheek against his cool tummy as large padded arms enfold you.

furry transformation adjacent, silly 

fun fact: my head has a system daemon running, transformd, that takes any incoming thought and translates it to be more relevant to furry transformation, reinforcing the fact that i am indeed furry trash


oh my god oh my god oh my goooddd i just discovered something i've been internally panicking about for the past few weeks or so is actually a non-issue and that makes me feel *extremely* relieved

seeking roommate 9/1 in somerville ma 

there's 1 large bedroom available on 9/1 in my apartment in somerville ma. rent is $950/month + utils. the apt has tons of storage, parking, a dishwasher, and free laundry. no pets allowed, not wheelchair accessible. it's a very chill & quiet place

please boost & message me if you're interested. if we don't find someone for the room soon we'll lose the place & have to move out 🙃 :boost_requested:

there's more info & pictures here:

"Nutritionists used to be big on this concept of a food pyramid. I think we need one for the web, to remind ourselves of what a healthy site should look like."

gamestop scam 

okay i thought i told this story but

1: gamestop had a promotion where if you traded in enough games (i believe 5 or more) you'd get a 70% bonus

2: at the same time, they had a b2g1 free promo on used games

3: this was also during the flat 10% off for having a rewards card period

so i mined the website for every game that was profitable when combining these two promotions,

drove to every gamestop in the area and... sold them the previous store's copies of those games

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furry tf thoughts 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why does everything have to be so good i want to be too many things at once but i only have one body and one furry transformation-themed active fediverse account

implied inanimate tf, my take on the furniture shitposts 

I don’t buy furniture. Instead, I get the instructions to assemble it, order one or two replacement parts, invite a friend over, and suddenly I have a new couch!

furry, strength, kink? flustered frinkel inside 

opening a door and inadvertently tearing the entire door and frame off of the wall...

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furry, strength, kink? flustered frinkel inside 

aaaaaaaa @trizzy got me into the thought of being a glaceon that’s overwhelmingly strong (to the point of inconvenience) and it’s... a good thought tbh >//////////>

anxiety, vague 

things aren't going the way i was hoping they were going to and it's making my anxiety go full blast, bass boosted in my head

apple, phone hacking thoughts 

discovering that i wouldn't be able to upgrade to iOS 14 on my phone unless if i wanted to disable the security on it (which would make it trivial to steal) or they find an exploit for the A11 secure enclave (they found an exploit for it, but not for A11) so

that's great, guess i'm going to be sticking to 13 for a while

all of the phones with decent ifixit repairability scores are EU only :cate:

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shitposting with iOS tweaks, inspired by another shitpost 

New to the suite of absolutely horrible tweaks I’ve made, something inspired by a shitpost from hyperlink a few months back (last boost)

in iOS 14 your iPhone can detect your fingernails. "Ah! That tickles!" when you scrape the edge gently along the front of the display. You're just playing. It feels good to be this close to something

ranting about mastodon's search functionality 

and it's not like elasticsearch is bad. it's just the choice of using it here for this certain thing feels... off. it's like producing forum software that did everything from a MySQL database, but if you wanted to have a directory of users, you have to spin up and give it a MongoDB database just for that specifically

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Transfur Online

Bust out your 56k modems and grow a tail or two (or nine), because Transfur Online's here and you're invited! Here, tech and furry transformation combine, and you're quite literally free to be whatever you like. So pop in that 1 Million Free Hours CD you found lying around and stay a while - you might just find it a rather life-changing experience ;)