Kink/TF Art 

A really exciting commission from, he does TF really really well and has got to be one of the cutest artists I've ever met :D

Looks like Zabi's about due for milking! At least the spirit that's possessing him certainly thinks so. ;)

I've set up a bot on here that will be taking the highlights of on Twitter and effectively posting it here :P It should begin working within the next several hours as it's currently doing some prep work! You can follow the bot at @tfnation :)

Welcome to! We're happy to have ya. This instance is designed for sharing furry transformation content! Feel free to take part in and share your favourite images!

Some general rules:

1. You can totally post non-tf content, but we generally want to encourage neat TF discussion and media sharing. Keep RPs in DMs.

Hello, and welcome to! Our goal is to be a safe, fun space for those who love furry transformation. If you've ever been a bit too fascinated by werewolf movies or have found yourself transfixed during a Disney movie marathon, you'll probably have a great time here! If not, but you're interested in joining the community, you're more than welcome too! Just know there are going to be a lot of changes around here. :P

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