OwO Long boy hours.

Noticed the disturbing lack of ferret TF, so @Dook_Ferret and I decided to fill that gap! Art by the amazing @gauchoHipnotista

Oh no! Those banana hammock shorts really made a monkey out of my friend Collin! Art done by @gauchoHipnotista

A bit late for , I guess I'll be collar-bound forever!
Featuring my good friend Halen and drawn by Binturongboy: furaffinity.net/user/binturong

Kink/TF Art 

A really exciting commission from furaffinity.net/user/cowardlio, he does TF really really well and has got to be one of the cutest artists I've ever met :D

Looks like Zabi's about due for milking! At least the spirit that's possessing him certainly thinks so. ;)

I've set up a bot on here that will be taking the highlights of on Twitter and effectively posting it here :P It should begin working within the next several hours as it's currently doing some prep work! You can follow the bot at @tfnation :)

Welcome to transfur.online! We're happy to have ya. This instance is designed for sharing furry transformation content! Feel free to take part in and share your favourite images!

Some general rules:

1. You can totally post non-tf content, but we generally want to encourage neat TF discussion and media sharing. Keep RPs in DMs.


Hello, and welcome to Transfur.online! Our goal is to be a safe, fun space for those who love furry transformation. If you've ever been a bit too fascinated by werewolf movies or have found yourself transfixed during a Disney movie marathon, you'll probably have a great time here! If not, but you're interested in joining the community, you're more than welcome too! Just know there are going to be a lot of changes around here. :P

Thumbnail by Tazara: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tazara/