Oh no! Those banana hammock shorts really made a monkey out of my friend Collin! Art done by @gauchoHipnotista

A bit late for , I guess I'll be collar-bound forever!
Featuring my good friend Halen and drawn by Binturongboy: furaffinity.net/user/binturong

Kink/TF Art 

A really exciting commission from furaffinity.net/user/cowardlio, he does TF really really well and has got to be one of the cutest artists I've ever met :D

Looks like Zabi's about due for milking! At least the spirit that's possessing him certainly thinks so. ;)

Just delivering a bit of energy today. Not TF, but fun nonetheless. :)

I wanna share this one around, this is an amazing Patreon run by Lomas. They're making a variety of TF themed comics, including the *amazing* Erotic Evolutions, featuring tons of Pokemon TF action!


Attached the first few pages for your viewing pleasure :3

NSFW Furry TF 

Well, there go my pants again...

Image repost here :D Experimenting with whether links or images are better!

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Thumbnail by Tazara: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tazara/