Welcome, @willowswhisper and @MrT3llus !! I appreciate you waiting so long to get in, it seems the server never notified me about your registration! I'd say definitely let me know if you have any questions, totally follow our fun TF auto poster, @tfnation , and check out our pinned announcement (the megaphone icon up at the top) for some great details to get started on desktop and mobile!

Oh! And your hands are gonna be paws in a few minutes here, so you may wanna get used to those first. :P

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Hello, and welcome to! Our goal is to be a safe, fun space for those who love furry transformation. If you've ever been a bit too fascinated by werewolf movies or have found yourself transfixed during a Disney movie marathon, you'll probably have a great time here! If not, but you're interested in joining the community, you're more than welcome too! Just know there are going to be a lot of changes around here. :P

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