Wanda vision EP 8 

My god the heartstrings this episode.

Also I am a sucker for when a villan kind of acts like an evil therapist in the story.

They also seem to be going for Loki vibes with Agatha in the "I'm trying to be good but can't help doing it in the most evil and self serving way"


@bootblackcub I totally agree!! I love Agatha’s character in this show. I’m rooting for her even if she’s doing stuff in an evil way. She’s been so entertaining and I can’t wait to see how this all ends.

@Casuallynoted like I don't want her to have a full redemption, I just want her to stick to a bit more of a grey space

@bootblackcub I totally agree. I think she should remain a character that does some good stuff but in very self-serving ways. A chaotic neutral of sorts.

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